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An Inspired Village

This series is inspired by the stone lanterns of Japan (Tōrō) and the mountains of California. These large sculptures became familiar markers and a source of inspiration during my residency in Japan. I miniaturized them to stay connected to the memories of that time, lovingly calling them 'mushrooms,' as I see in their petite form. Later, I discovered that Tōrō translates to 'light basket' in Japanese—how poetic and perfect. :)


In Japan, I had my first experience with anagama wood firing and have since continued this practice stateside. Each piece is hand-sculpted and left unglazed to feature the ash deposits and alchemical reaction of clay with the wood fire process.

My most recent firing took place this summer in Wallingford, Pennsylvania, in a train kiln at the Community Arts Center. The firing spanned 48 hours, with a team of 12 people taking shifts to stoke the fire. What I love about wood firing is that each piece is a result of this communal effort and is truly one of a kind

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