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Living With Frank Lloyd Wright

I’m honored to announce that my ceramic tapestry piece was invited to live on in the place of it’s inception, FLW's Marin County Civic Center. It's a dream come true to have my artwork hanging in a historical piece of architecture, familiar landmark, and personal source of inspiration.  It’s hanging on the second floor near the cafeteria, and you can can visit is it anytime M-F, 9am-5pm. 

detail lnd_edited.jpg

Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s approach to designing buildings in harmony with their surrounding landscape, I created a tapestry to naturally exist in it’s environment. The colors, shapes and patterns are designed to weave into the architecture and details of the building. Nothing excites me more than visiting it on my way to the library.

To commission a tapestry artwork, please email, or leave a message here 

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