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Mt Tam Tōrō - Woodfired

Mt Tam Tōrō - Woodfired


Part of a series inspired by the stone lanterns of Japan (Tōrō) and mountains of California. Handsculpted featuring two kinds of clay, left unglazed to feature ash deposits and alchemical reaction of clay with the wood fire process.


Tōrō mean light basket or lantern in Japanese. These large scuptures became familiar markers and a source of comfort during Susan's residency in Japan. She miniaturized them to stay connected to the memories of that time.


This piece was fired in Wallingford, Pennsylvania this summer in a train kiln at the Community Arts Center. The firing took 48 hours and a team of 12 people taking shifts to stoke the fire. Each piece is truly one of a kind. 


Dimensions: 10 in x 4 in x 5 in

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