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The Infinity Collection

I weave with clay because it’s surprising and familiar all at once. The combination of traditional weaving techniques with clay creates pieces that are at once airy and structural, seemingly defying gravity. Historically, weaving baskets was born out of a primal need, but also served as a means of self expression and ingenuity.


The points in basketry’s history that inspire me the most are its leaps—those moments when a practitioner moved the art forward in a surprising, new way. The Native American woman who figured out how to tightly weave a basket to collect seeds centuries ago. The Japanese man who, many centuries later, spent half his life mastering an inherited technique, then the other half pioneering his own.


I advance basketry through the economic use of clay, a non-traditional weaving material, to create complex and unique forms. To create my baskets, I go beyond existing techniques, carefully preparing and hand-weaving innovative patterns over common objects. My pieces dry slowly and are then fired for strength and preservation, taking their own organic shape during the process.


To me, the realm of basketry art is infinite - it’s a marker in time that connects us to the past, present and future. Basketry is an art that came before me, and it will live on long after me, so long as it continues to be both practiced and pushed. 

Please email if interested in purchasing. Thank you!

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